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Architectural Services

We aim for Hindley & Co’s architecture to sit alongside the very best of Australian design. We want to create a positive architectural legacy, to forge an enduring bond between you and your home, and to repay your emotional and financial investment emphatically.

We research for each project to ensure we specify only the very best products and construction materials for your needs. We forge a strong working relationship with each builder to make sure your project is built to high standards.

Each project is designed with environmental consideration: drawing in natural light; shading through summer; and fully insulated and gap sealed. We can help you select appropriate solar power, home battery storage, rainwater tanks and other high and low tech environmental solutions. 

Where appropriate, we enlist specialist lighting consultants to use light as an expressive tool through the architecture: to articulate features; to light textures in the dwelling and landscape; to create ambiance; and to provide accessible and task-focused lighting. We can integrate the latest home automation or keep homes low- tech and simple to use. 

We have experience designing homes with heritage overlays, accessibility requirements for aging in place or special needs, bush fire rating (BAL) requirements, non-sewered environments, and off-grid areas. We’ve worked successfully with over 16 councils throughout Melbourne, regional Victoria, and Tasmania, and have guided many projects through the planning process smoothly with minimum delay.

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Interior Design Services

Most of the interior design takes place in the Design Development and Contract Documentation stages, alongside or a little after the Architecture. The dialogue between the two disciplines is constant so we can integrate the two for a better, more seamless result.

During this process we design the joinery and work with you to select colours, materials, finishes, fixtures and fittings. We usually have a regular series of check-in meetings with you to make sure you are happy with both the overall interior feel, and the detail for each and every room.  Alternatively we can keep your involvement to a minimum and make these decisions for you if you are very busy and want us to handle it. 

We create a suite of comprehensive documents to take the project smoothly through to construction. The more resolved our drawings are, the more accurately builders can quote and build, which leads to better project quality, time and cost control. This stage typically takes 6-12 weeks.

Our Interior Design Service typically includes:

  • Regular design meetings

  • Material and mood boards

  • Working drawings

  • Interior schedules

  • Contract schedules

  • Lighting selections 

The first step is to book a Design Diagnosis Session here. It can be via zoom or in our office. 

If you would like the Design Diagnosis to take place on-site, please book here.