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Client Architect Selection Process

Getting the dream outcome you want actually DELIVERED is the ultimate project goal. Finding the right Architect who has a proven process to achieve very specific outcomes is not easy. Most people don’t know what each different Architect can do, or the process they use. So knowing who is a good fit and what value looks like is almost impossible.

Before we accept any project, we have a process to get to know each other, so we can both be confident we are the best possible partnership



Are We a Fit?

We will arrange for you to speak to our Director about your goals and aspirations. The director will ask you a series of questions not only about what you want but WHY. We find the best solutions come from the WHY rather than the WHAT. We will advise whether we think we will be the best for your objectives. If not we can recommend other options.

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Design Diagnosis

We meet for up to 90 minutes in our office, via zoom or on-site to explore and record your wishlist, underlying drivers, and the possible constraints. We help you to order your priorities; we outline future steps, and answer any burning questions you might have about how it all works.

Outcome: Comprehensive Architectural Briefing Document & Plan of Action

Cost $ 350 via zoom or in-office OR $ 550 on-site. The cost is rebatable off future core services.


Proposed Action Plan

We present and explain the service and fee options available for your project along with our recommendations. We run through the proposed inclusions and exclusions of the Client Architect Agreement to make sure they align with your needs.


Confirmation of Action Plan

All parties sign the Client Architect Agreement in person or via digital signature, and mobilisation fee is invoiced.


Project Commencement

Project is scheduled and commenced on agreed date.