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Interior Design Services

Hindley & Co offer comprehensive interior design services to turn your house into the home you desire. We can design, develop, document and procure interior design for your project from start to finish. 

We believe that great interior design starts with masterful spatial planning followed by careful integration with the Architecture of your home.


Following this, we work with you on the core interior elements of joinery, colours, materials, finishes, fixtures, fittings and furniture selections. 


As architects we are able to handle internal restructures to ensure you achieve the layout of your home that works best for you. 

Our Interior Design Service typically includes:

  • Regular design meetings

  • Material and mood boards

  • Working drawings

  • Interior schedules

  • Contract schedules

  • Lighting selections 

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How we work

The best results for interior design takes place when both the architecture and interior design are integrated for a seamless and fully resolved result. 


Typically, we will focus on the interior design elements of your home as part of the Design Development and Contract Documentation stages of a renovation or new build, alongside or a little after the architectural design and documentation. The dialogue between the two disciplines is constant so we can integrate the two for a better, more seamless result.


We also undertake stand-alone interior design projects, leveraging our expertise in building and award-winning  spatial design 


Our approach to design is transparent, with regular series of check-in meetings with you to make sure you are happy with both the overall interior feel and the detail for each and every room.
Alternatively, we can keep your involvement to a minimum and make these decisions for you if you are very busy and want us to handle it. ​


Every project includes a suite of comprehensive documents to take the project smoothly through to completion. The more resolved our drawings are, the more accurately builders can quote and build, which leads to better project quality, time and cost control.