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Pricing for Pre-Purchase Advice:

First hour:
$ 330

We can give you excellent information and advice even in an hour. 30 minutes will be preparatory research, and 30 minutes will be your choice of a zoom, phone or email conversation. We will report our findings and suggest the next steps.
Price includes a full premium report from Landchecker. 

Each subsequent hour:
$ 165

We suggest you start with an hour, and then if you would like more in-depth studies, we will estimate the further hours for your approval before proceeding.

Can we do site visits?

Yes, we can. We charge $100 an hour for travel to and from our office in West Melbourne. We will discuss whether a site visit is necessary or desirable. Sometimes we find deal-breaking information during the first hour, so there is no point in wasting your money on a site visit before we have done the first hour of work.

What if we are in a hurry and there are no suitable times left?

Give us a call on 03 7043 5498 or email on to arrange another time.

Pre-purchase Advice Enquiry

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