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Right Angle Corner Frame
Right Angle Corner Frame

Hindley & Co Architecture

Concept Design

When you have completed your Feasibility investigations and settled on your brief, the next step is engaging us for Concept Design.

Concept Design

This stage is where the creative juices flow!


We will already know your brief from taking it during the Feasibility Study, and we will have a good idea of the sizes of spaces and how they might best relate to each other and the site. We will have discussed your style preferences, likes and dislikes, and ideas.

Step 1 - Kick off Meeting


is a kickoff meeting with you, to discuss the brief and confirm our understanding of what you are seeking to achieve. We will set a date for the presentation.

Step 2 - Design


We will spend 6-8 weeks preparing the design for the presentation.


We will prepare:


  • floor plans

  • 3D white model of the building

  • mood boards

  • material palette

Step 3 - the Presentation

The big day! 

We will present the design and discuss it thoroughly with you You will give us your opinion and any comments you want to make.

If there is anything you do not like we will discuss alternatives with you, and then we will make the revisions for your approval at Step 4.

Step 4 - The Concept Design report

We issue you with a bound report containing all the drawings, documents and information that we have gathered to that point.

Step 5 - Cost Plan

We will arrange for you to engage a licensed Cost Planner to cost the Concept Design Package. so you will have a design, a cost, and a clear process and timeline for your dream home.

Step 6 - Tweaking

In the light of the cost plan, you may want to add or subtract rooms or features. We help you understand how the cost plan works, and what the impact on the cost will be of these changes.


When you are happy with the budget, we will make any required changes and have the Cost Plan Revised accordingly.

Step 7 - Approval to proceed to next steps


When you are ready to proceed further towards the build of your new home, you will approve us to proceed to the next stage : Design Development, or the Town Planning application if you need a planning permit.


Arch Deco house dining room
Dining room with picture window
Study Room with tall window
Interior of Sand Dune Sanctuary
Newtown earth tone bathroom
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