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Hindley&Co's Team with their Principal Architect Anne Hindley
Right Angle Corner Frame

About us

Right Angle Corner Frame

Hindley & Co are Architects and Interior Designers who specialize in thoughtfully luxurious architecture and design for homes in Melbourne and the surrounding countryside and beaches.

Architect Anne Hindley’s broad perspective to her architectural practice was born out of her study in philosophy, obtaining a double major from the University of Melbourne prior to graduating with an honour’s degree in Architecture from RMIT University. Her holistic approach can also be attributed to her work experience, both in Melbourne and in New York, the result of being awarded a Queens Trust Grant. 

Hindley’s work experience, prior to establishing her own practice Hindley & Co in 2012, started with architect John Baird from Fairweather Homes, a modernist who is recognised for his simple modular sustainable homes, demonstrating that good design could be achieved with small budgets. In New York, Hindley worked in the studio of the legendary architect and designer Gaetano Pesce creating models such as the ‘Spaghetti Vase’ (circa 1995 and made from resin) that required the utmost concentration combined with nimble fingers. 

While Pesce further developed Hindley’s creative talents, her time spent with New York architectural practice Smith-Miller & Hawkinson contributed to the need for rational, precise and methodical planning. Given her experience in model-making at both New York practices, she was given the opportunity to work with architect Daryl Jackson and Bligh Voller Neild on the Etihad Stadium upon returning to Melbourne. Working later for architect Allan Powell (from 2005 until 2012), Hindley benefited from a more ethereal approach to architecture – creating spaces that are poetic, textured and layered. 

With all this experience, it was inevitable that Hindley would establish her own practice, with the self-belief it was ‘time to give it a go’. As with her experience with Allan Powell, known for his fine bespoke homes, Hindley was keen from the outset, to focus on houses, both new homes as well as alterations and additions, with the opportunity to use her broader skills. As with her experience working with Pesce, Hindley enjoys applying her artistry to not only architecture but, as importantly, the things that surround us and enrich our lives - and while ideas are paramount, getting proportions exact is as fundamental in the design process, along with that element of surprise where there are moments in a home that allow one to pause and to reflect.

- Stephen Crafti

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