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Albert Park House exterior designed by Hindley&Co
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Pre-purchase Design Advice

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What is your plan to avoid over capitalising? How can you decide on your maximum offer if you have no idea what it will take to build or renovate what you want to do? What if it is not even practically possible to make the changes you need to make to accommodate your family?

A little time spent on the right research, at the right time, by the right people, can mitigate most of the risk of making a very expensive, time consuming and disappointing mistake.

We offer architecture and interior design research and advice on the potential for a property to be developed or renovated to suit your needs.

We work in many Council areas including the City of Melbourne, Yarra, Stonnington, Boroondara, Port Philip, Glen Eira, Monash, Bayside, Mornington Peninsula and the Surf Coast Shire.

Please note that our service is a different and much deeper service than a building inspection. However we will help you seek advice from  building inspectors, engineers and/or other specialist consultants if we believe additional advice from them would benefit you.


Design Brief

You are much more likely to find the best property possible if you know clearly what you are looking for. 

We can help you understand how much floor area you are likely to need to achieve the home you want. If this is done before you start looking for a property, you will be in a much better position to know what you are looking for. However, it is equally valuable to go through this exercise when you have already found a property you are interested in.

In the case of a renovation we can test feasibility by sketching out how your brief might be achieved in relation to the existing building. We will also advise on things like the quality of the site orientation and access to sunlight and views, which can be important factors in how a house will feel.

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To determine the offer you are prepared to make, you will need at least a ballpark idea of what it will take to achieve the home you ultimately want. Having this research prepared early is a small investment that can protect you from very expensive and time consuming mistakes buying the wrong property, as well as give you confidence and clarity when putting in your bid on the right one.

With the floor areas estimated at Step 1, we can apply typical rates/m2 to help you understand the costs likely to be associated with achieving your brief. This is essential information to have when considering the purchase price of a new property.

We can also advise on what other costs you will have to allow for, for example, council levies, the  consultants you are likely to need, and how much they typically cost.

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Regulatory Restrictions

You need to know what your options will be. What will you be allowed to do? What will you not be allowed to do? What are the time and cost implications of a planning application? Will you need a BAL rating? The questions and answers are different for every site address.

We research the regulations that will be relevant to any development on a particular site. It is important to know whether or not you will need a planning permit, what the planning overlays mean, and whether there are any other restrictions.


For example, we will find out the likely height and setback limitations, whether you are in a flood, bushfire or termite zone and whether you can remove significant trees.  We can advise on such things as the likelihood that your application will need to advertised, whether neighbours might be able to block your progress, and how much a heritage overlay will limit your options.

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Title Restrictions

Sometime there are convenants and easements on your title that restrict where or how you can build.

We review the title and help you understand any restrictions that may be relevant to your proposed development. If legal advice is necessary we can suggest a legal expert to contact.

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Presentation of Findings to You

We can give you a written report and discuss the findings with you in person, or over the phone or via zoom for speed and convenience. If you need urgent answers due to an imminent Auction or Expression of Interest closure, we have fast track options.

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Pricing and More Info

Our rates are very reasonable, and we can act quickly if you need advice urgently.


The cost of advice about a particular property can be used as a rebate against our design service fees in the future if you purchase the property and need more help.

Click on the button below to learn more about pricing and how to contact us:

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