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Can Architecture Change People?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Sometimes we have asked ourselves whether the work we do as Architects and Designers is superficial. Are we actually wasting our time on earth choosing beautiful things for peoples' homes?

But we have observed over time that personal environments really do have an impact on wellbeing and identity. Architecture and design can improve people's lives, and those people are then better equipped to make their positive impact on the world. For example, when we help our surgeon clients to relax and recharge, they have better mental and spiritual health, so they can do their important work better.

We regularly witness this phenomenon. Whether a project is modest or luxurious, we can elevate human beings’ everyday experience. The inhabitants of our buildings do become happier, and more mindful, and their social and family life does become a little (or a lot) more balanced. The way someone dresses , and perhaps the car they drive seems to change to suit the new environment, for sure, but it is inner change too. A person's sense of self actually seems to improve when daily life is elevated by living in a well-thought-out and uplifting home.

Perhaps in part, it is due to ticking off the renovation on the life to-do list. That probably does contribute to an enhanced sense of mission accomplished. But it appears to be more than this. We theorise that people see their living environment as a reflection of themselves. So if it is peaceful, beautiful and organised, the inhabitant feels more peaceful beautiful and organised themselves.

If these ideas interest you, or you would like to know more about our special secret techniques to nourish your soul, please get in touch at, we would love to talk to you more about it.


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