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with Procalc Opinion of Probable Cost  

Obtain a general cost range for your wishlist of rooms and spaces.

$ 999  + GST


What’s included?

A comprehensive briefing session followed by a one-hour consultation where we will walk you through the floor areas required to meet your brief and their associated ballpark costs. 


You will receive: 


  • Briefing Questionnaire

  • Briefing Consultation

  • Area schedule 

  • Procalc Opinion of Probable Cost 

  • Presentation and Questions Consultation


Best for: 

Those exploring ideas and wanting to undertsand initial ballpark budgets before proceeding any further.


How it works 

We provide an easy two step process. 


  • Once payment has been received, a briefing session is scheduled so that we can meet and obtain all the relevant information we need to prepare the estimated Floor Area Schedule and Procalc Opinion of Probable Costs. We will ask you to complete a briefing questionnaire in preparation for the first meeting.

    At the end of the first session we will book in the Presentation consultation.

  • Following the briefing session, we will take approximately 10 business days to complete the calculations, in readiness for the next meeting, the Presentation and Questions Consultation. At this session we will walk you through how to interpret  the reports, and provide you with both digital and hard copies for your records. We will discuss options and answer any questions you may have.


You will now have the information you need to work towards aligning your brief to your budget.


If you would like to understand the entire design and build process, why not take advantage of our helpful resource developed for our clients, Understanding the steps for designing and building your new home. You can download it here: 


Area Schedule

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