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If you need any structural work or planning permission, you will follow the architectural pathway.


At the consultation, we talk with you in great detail about your needs, thoughts and wishlist. If we are at the property you want to renovate, we walk through it with you, taking note of the problems you want to solve and offering ideas and advice. We discuss your  concerns, propose solutions, answer questions, describe what you can expect, and what the next steps are. We record a detailed scope of works, that is yours to keep, whether or not you proceed further with us. It is an important document that will form the basis of your project.


At the end of the session you will understand clearly :


  • what pathway is best for you

  • what your next steps are

  • whether you need architectural services, interior design or both

  • who else you will need on your team, such as engineers, landscapers, surveyors.

  • whether you need permits, and if so, which ones

  • how to get permits

  • what the restrictions on your site are likely to be

  • likely costs involved

  • how to plan your budget

  • what the next steps are

  • what the stages will be and how long each stage takes

  • how to decide on and communicate your brief

  • professional advice on choices you may be struggling with (eg should I rebuild or renovate?)

To get the most out of your consultation please share any information you already have with us beforehand. Information such as:

  • plans and drawings

  • photos and videos

  • style guides such as pinterest boards

  • preliminary brief

  • section 32


The cost of the consultation is $ 899 inc GST for up to 2 hours and includes 1 hour of travel from our office.

Architecture & Design Consultation

  • After you purchase the consultation, we will call you within 2 business days to book in a suitable time with you.

    If you need to change the date later, please let us know 24 hours in advance.

  • Please allow up to 2 hours for the consultation.

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