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How to create the illusion of space in small homes.

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Hindley & Co Director Anne Hindley shares her tips, published on Lifestyle

1. Don't be afraid of black: Black can blur boundaries so finite edges aren't as clear. Be careful not to overdo the shade, but a black wall, floor or ceiling can give the illusion of space because it's more difficult to see where the room finishes. Black fences are fantastic in small planted gardens, as you can't see where the garden ends.

2. Frame views of small spaces carefully: If you have a small courtyard, don't install huge open glass windows overlooking it as it will make the edges of your site obvious. Select views to highlight the garden and edit out your fences.

3. Layer space: Lining up windows and doors so you can see through to other rooms and gardens gives you a sense of extended space and connection with the outdoors.


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