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Zoom Zoom

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The architectural drawing board is long dead. In its stead are myriad visual software programs that, in many ways, make architecture more agile, efficient, and better researched.

Enter Zoom, a web-based videoconferencing application we have been using for project communications since mid-2018. At Hindley & Co, we are always open to new ways of working; road-testing project management, resourcing and time tracking tools for improved business efficiency. Now, if a client chooses, we can meet online during their lunch break (and record it for later sharing); view mood boards; present images of recommended fixtures and fittings; or discuss amendments to floor plans – and all of this at once on a single screen.

With the problem of distance and file sharing eliminated, we can also communicate in greater depth with remote clients, be they in Hastings or Hong Kong. What this means is easier access to our team of specialists, less time spent getting to and from meetings, and the ability to schedule more frequent meetings should the client prefer. This leads not only to greater project efficiencies, but also to a closer working relationship between architect and client.

Color palettes and samples flat lay in a desk

We know that videoconferencing will never replace opportunities to meet in person, nor should they. After all, who could deny the tactile joy of pondering wood samples, fabric swatches and metal finishes in curating the design for a highly personalised space?

We’ve created a how-to guide for our first Zoom meeting with clients.


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